Review: Ghost Rider #4 Explores New Levels Of Hell From Brisson And Kuder

by Tony Thornley
Cover by Aaron Kuder and Dean White

Just as Dante once explored the nine levels of Hell, Danny Ketch is finding himself doing the same. However, in the Marvel Universe those levels of Hell are very different, and the Ghost Rider is just the avatar of one of them.

Ed Brisson, Aaron Kuder, Juan Frigeri, Jason Keith, and Joe Caramagna battle the legions of Hell and Limbo with the Riders in Ghost Rider #4.

With the Caretaker’s help, Danny travels to Limbo to seek of Belasco’s help in his war against Johnny. Meanwhile, Johnny arrives in Vegas at the Hotel Inferno, ready to release Mephisto. Both of their tasks have the potential to change the world and themselves forever. And they will…

I love when writers forge new mythology from existing framework. Brisson makes a leap forward with the Ghost Rider, showing that the different levels of hell are more than just a bunch of demons with different names. Giving Limbo a rider of its own is a logical step and it opens up more story potential than just what we see on the page in this issue. It’s an exciting leap forward for the entire Marvel universe, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Having more that one line artist in the issue can go wrong in many ways, but here, it’s done right. Kuder follows Danny in Limbo, where he creates a living, fleshy landscape- surreal and unsettling- that’s unlike the jagged and craggy Hell. Figeri’s line work is in the more traditional fight between Johnny and demons, which is full of great fight choreography, and equally unsettling abuse of the Spirit of Vengeance’s power.

Keith uses his color art effectively, setting the tone of the different levels of hell by using a green palette for Danny and Kuder, and reds with Frigeri and Johnny. It looks great.

This is an incredibly fun issue, with repercussions to come that will affect the Marvel Universe’s magical world for some time to come. I’ve grown to like Ghost Rider more and more with each issue. It’s been an unexpected ride (sorry, I had to) so far, and it’ll be fun to see what’s next.

Ghost Rider #4 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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