Loss Of Agency In Pleasure: SFSX #5 Reviewed

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead

The residents of the Dirty Mind begin their rescue mission at the Party’s Pleasure Center. They split up, with Sylvia and Nick going undercover in the gala, while Avory, Denis, and Casey make their way through the air ducts. Sylvia and Nick are to copy Dr. Powell’s clearance data while the rest rescue George and Margaret. Of course, their plans experience a few complications and they are floored by just how depraved and cruel the Pleasure Center turns out to be. Meanwhile, Boreman faces a few hiccups of her own when the Party introduces her to a new member named Mitch Wilder.

SFSX #5 cover by Tula Lotay
SFSX #5 cover by Tula Lotay

SFSX #5 brings us to the climactic rescue mission at the Pleasure Center with the sole purpose being the rescue of George and Margaret. We get to watch Sylvia and Avory put their talents to good use and we get some internal Party drama as Boreman encounters someone with goals at least partially contrary to her own. Boreman considers herself a feminist; Mitch Wilder expresses strong anti-feminist sympathies.

It shows the trap which Boreman’s brand of conservative feminism will almost always turn out to be. By contrast, we get to see the liberating feminism of the Dirty Mind do just that: liberate George and Margaret.

The cruelty of the Pleasure Center once again reaches new heights in this issue. We learn how the Party is attempting to “cleanse” George after his escape attempt and we see the full extent of what they did to Denis.

The deepest crime of the Party in SFSX is removing sexual agency from the populace as a whole, but especially those they bring into their Pleasure Centers. To its credit, SFSX #5 doesn’t shy away from the shocking and often stomach-churning forms in which that can manifest.

SFSX #5 art by Jen Hickman, Alyssa Eleftheriou, and letterer Steve Wands
SFSX #5 art by Jen Hickman, Alyssa Eleftheriou, and letterer Steve Wands

Jen Hickman once again renders all of this with distinct and impressive form. She gives a real sense of texture and style to the world of SFSX and her color art strikes the perfect mixture of sterile placidity in the Party gala and wild ambiguity for the denizens of the Dirty Mind.

SFSX #5 is an especially exciting and gripping issue for the series. The rescue of George and Margaret is a go and we get to see Avory and Sylvia shine with their respective skill sets. It’s also quite a gut-wrenching issue, as we see the depths of the Party’s inhumanity. It’s a comic easily worth a recommendation. Feel free to give it a read.

SFSX #5 comes to us from writer Tina Horn, artist Jen Hickman, flatter Alyssa Eleftheriou, letterer Steve Wands, and cover artist Tula Lotay.

Final Score: 8.5/10

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