The Weekly 2000AD Prog 2166: Brink Gets Bloody (Brilliant)

by Richard Bruton
(Cover by INJ Culbard)

The Weekly 2000 AD… chronicling the ongoing thrills to be found in the longest-running Brit sci-fi comic.

This week, it all begins under a suitably fabulous cover from INJ Culbard, with Bridget Kurtis of Brink looking under fire…

Inside Prog 2166, we get the same five strips as last week, with the finale of the imaginary friend storyline of Kill Bloopy in Judge Dredd, continuing instalments of Zaucer of Zilk, Feral & Foe, and Proteus Vex, and things are ramping up and up and up in Brink as it builds, magnificently, to its end.

Prog 2166 is out in the UK and on digital from 29 January, with international copies coming out later – ask for it by name at your local comic shop. On we go…


JUDGE DREDD: KILL BLOOPY – PART 4 – FINAL PART – Kenneth Niemand, Dan Cornwell, colors by Jim Boswell, letters by Annie Parkhouse

This one was one of those classic feeling weird with a point Dredds. It’s something that’s been in Dredd’s world since the beginning, the stupid stuff, the downright bizarre stuff, all of it adding to the worldbuilding. And Niemand gets it, he really does.

This four-parter of imaginary friends falling out with murderous intent worked and worked well. And in Cornwell, we have another really promising young Dredd artist to watch get better and better.


BRINK BOOK 4 – HATE BOX – PART 17 – Dan Abnett, INJ Culbard, letters Simon Bowland

The thing about Brink is how it builds and builds, Abnett and Culbard taking their time, cranking up the tension as Bridge investigates, as things percolate in the background. And then, at a point, it all kicks off… just like this…

First two panels… what an opener.

After that, things really go to crap.

There’s a madness forever lurking in Brink, something almost Lovecraftian in its creepiness, something Culbard certainly knows well.

And eventually, it’s all going to come out, all the little details, everything tying together. But it’s going to take a while. And that’s the greatest thing.


THE ZAUCER OF ZILK: A ZAUCERFUL OF SECRETS – PART 5Script by Peter Hogan, art and story by Brendan McCarthy, colors by Len O’Grady and McCarthy, letters by Jim Campbell

See, this is always the good thing about 2000 AD. For every straight forward strip, there’s something different. And it doesn’t get that much more different than Zaucer of Zilk. It’s just a brightly (and brilliantly) colored slice of out-there stuff, just what you expect from anything with Brendan McCarthy’s name on it.

So the Zaucer is off hunting his wand, gathering friends along the way, including the one in a flying teapot…

Yep, why the hell not?

Basically, let’s just go along with it for the ride. I’m a big enough fan of McCarthy to trust what’s happening, and Hogan and O’Grady are integral in adding to the fun here.


FERAL & FOE – PART 5 – Dan Abnett, Richard Elson, colors by Richard & Joe Elson, letters by Annie Parkhouse

Right now, the comedy fantasy of Feral & Foe, tracking a couple of evil minions making their way in the world now there’s no evil master for them to minion to, is about the straightest thing in 2000 AD. And that’s absolutely not a criticism.

Indeed, the fun of Feral & Foe is in the comedy stuff sitting well alongside the fantasy, where watching a comedy double-act develop is all part of the enjoyment, all very well put on the page by Elson.

And then Abnett goes and messes with it, giving us an introspective piece as Wraith goes looking for meds for Bode. Yep, makes it all the more interesting.


PROTEUS VEX: ANOTHER DAWN – PART 5 – Michael Carroll, Henry Flint, letters by Simon Bowland

It comes to something when a Prog with Zaucer of Zilk in has a strip to end on that’s even weirder. But so it is here, as Proteus Vex is proving spectacularly strange and wonderfully weird, all the better with Henry Flint knocking things out the park with his art here.

It’s all about the detailing, the strange shapes, the busy backgrounds, so many lines, and all of them doing everything just right, don’t you think?

Anyway, Proteus Vex, envoy of the Imperium Ascendant and his new colleague, Midnight Indicating Shame, are visiting the Seaborne Coagency, all part of the search for the fugitive Alliance Chancellor. Here, they find him. And it all gets stranger.

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