Wynd: James Tynion IV And Michael Dialynas Announce New Fantasy Trilogy From Boom! Studios

by Oliver MacNamee

James Tynion IV seems to be moving into a another gear as far as his writing career is going. Not only has he met with critical success as the new writer of Batman but he is also about to release a creator-owned trilogy of fantasy stories from BOOM! Studios with co-partner and co-creator Michael Dialynas called Wynd with Aditya Bidikar on lettering. A story that has been festering for some time, as the official accompanying statement reveals:

I was sixteen years old the first time I wrote the name Wynd down on a piece of paper…I t’s the ur-story that every story I’ve told since comes from, in one way or another. The fantasy I built for my friends and I to live in, when the real world seemed too harsh and strange. It’s the story of a boy, touched by magic in a world that fears the way that magic can twist and change you. It’s a story about growing up. In a lot of ways, it’s a story about me. And I’ve been waiting half my life to tell it.

Told over three volumes, it’s the story of Wynd’s love for the local groundkeeper’s son, his magic heritage and his struggle to keep this heritage a secret, along with best friend Oakley. Al sounds like a bit of magical fun and as well as this announcement, BOOM! Studios have offered up a rather generous preview of interior art below.

Wynd Book One: The Flight of the Prince will be out November.




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