Soulcalibur VI Gives Us A Glimpse Of DLC Guest Character Haohmaru

by Sage Ashford

At this year’s EVO Japan, Bandai-Namco decided to show off the first look at the upcoming DLC character for Soulcalibur VI: Haohmaru. For those unaware, Haohmaru is from the SNK series Samurai Shodown, which recently experienced a revival.

His guest appearance is part of Soulcalibur VI‘s second season pass, also confirmed to have the warrior princess Hilde returning to the franchise. In a recent interview, Bandai-Namco talked about future plans for the game, pointing out that they have no more guests planned for the remainder of season 2. They also mentioned including frame data as a potential DLC for fans who really want it; something that will doubtlessly be a source of frustration for competitive gamers everywhere.

The potential of the game coming to the Ninetndo Switch was also mentioned, with the director and producer talking about the difficulty of porting the game, and how they’ve been focused more on the second season of DLC rather than figuring out how to make the game work on the Nintendo system.

Lastly, Haohmaru currently has no scheduled date for his release, but in the interview it was mentioned they intend to have the character out by Spring; though they gave no firm month or date, but March and April were strongly implied.

Sage Ashford

A writer with way too many hobbies, Sage can often be found catching up on the latest anime, or reading a stack of comics between Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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