DC Comics Finally Reveals Details For Synder And Capullo’s ‘Dark Nights: Death Metal’

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Greg Capullo

DC Comics have finally released some details on their much-expected sequel to 2017 Dark Nights: Metal 6 part mini-series. It’s the book that released the Dark Multiverse onto the DCU with dire results played out ever since in various DC titles. Dark Nights: Death Metal by Scott Snyder and tag-team partner, Greg Capullo pick up the baton on these recent events, in which The Batman Who Laughs has won the day, and runs with it in this new 6 parter, debuting May 13th. This time round, there’s yet another all-new multiverse to explore, the ‘Metalverse’. No doubt where the stars of the debut issue’s cover hail from. Rock on.

The Earth has been consumed by Dark Multiverse energy, having been conquered by the Batman Who Laughs and his evil lieutenants, corrupted versions of Shazam, Donna Troy, Supergirl, Blue Beetle, Hawkman, and Commissioner Jim Gordon. Some heroes, like Wonder Woman and the Flash, have made compromises as they negotiate to keep humanity alive in this hell-born landscape. Others, like Batman, are part of an underground resistance looking to take back control of their world. Superman is imprisoned, cursed to literally power Earth’s sun for eternity.

Obviously this has been a series long in the making, spinning out of Synder’s mammoth run on Justice League, as well as books like Batman/Superman. Finally then the end is in sight and Synder’s complex weaving of plots, sub-plots, and intertwining storylines are coming together into one final tapestry. Not for the first time do I ask, what will come of the DCU after the dust settles. I mean, it will finally settle after all this, won’t it?

Cover by Greg Capullo
Cover by Francesco Mattin
Cover by David Finch
Cover by Stanley “Artgerm” La

Olly MacNamee

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