Park Row Is The New Batman Themed Art Deco Restaurant Opening In London This Spring

by Oliver MacNamee

It’s Valentine’s Day and for many courting couples that means a trip to their restaurant of choice. Well, it may be a bit too late for lovers this year, but Wonderland Restaurants are partnering up with Warner Bros. to launch an all new Batman themed theatrical dining experience called Park Row restaurant in Soho, London, UK this Spring.

Taking its inspiration from the rich history of Batman, this new venture will be situated on 77 Brewer Street in London’s fashionable Soho quarter and offer up to diners a very decadent looking experience.

Set within a breath-taking, Art Deco Grade II listed dining room, the setting is undeniably charismatic. After descending into the Batcave, guests emerge in the relaxed and elegant Pennyworth’s, named after Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred, where guests can choose from historically inspired British dishes. Or head to The Penguin’s opulent Iceberg Lounge, a large, stylish restaurant and bar with an international menu and live entertainment throughout the week. For top counter dining check out a Harley Quinn-inspired fun and playful omakase, whilst hidden away from the buzz of the main room lies Old Gotham City, a villainous speakeasy featuring clever cocktails alongside sharing plates. Book well in advance for the Monarch Theatre – Park Row’s exhilarating, multi-sensory tasting menu experience with 360-degree projection mapping technology to explore the psychology of heroism through food.

Looking at the mock up of how it will eventually look, it’s certainly very evocative of Batman The Animated Series, as you’d expect from a restaurant situated in an Art Deco designed building.

Although, be warned, this part of London, like so many others, isn’t cheap. And, judging by what you’ll get to experience, it’s a huge investment that the proprietors will want to make back and quickly. You may need to bear that in mind if you’re thinking of dining there.

Having said that, and as a mad Batman fan, how can I book my table for opening night, I wonder? And, more importantly, what are the vegetarian options? No Bat-Cow on the menu, I hope.

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