Review: Peace Comes To Spyre In ‘Fantastic Four’ #19 But At What Price?

by Oliver MacNamee

Marvel’s first family’s latest sojourn into space comes to a conclusion in Fantastic Four #19, out now from Marvel, by Dan Slott (writer), Sean Izaakse (art), Marcio Menyz, Erick Arciniega (colors) and Joe Caremagna (letters) and it’s not the slugfest you’d expect looking at that Nick Bradshaw cover.

While it’s certainly a cover that is guaranteed to pull you in – like any Bradshaw cover, really – when you’re dealing with two leaders who use their brains before they’d use their fists, then intellect wins! And so it is here, with a solution that has everyone happy and the promise of future cooperation too.

Meanwhile, on Earth Slott is already setting up his new chapter in the ongoing Fantastic Four family-focused saga as old fried of the FF, Wyatt Wingfoot tries to help bring peace to his people and his community as they verbally duke it out with Roxxon representatives. And, some very familiar faces join the discussion too, by the end of the issue. All-in-all an issue that ties up this story while also adding to the future stories of the FF, as Slott gives us a fly in the ointment, of sorts, when the FF marvel back to Earth, but with an additional passenger. While I am a far of such space-faring stuff, I do enjoy the FF more when they’re going up agents classic villains and the next story arc certainly promises that.

Isaake’s art and designs for the planet Spyre, it’s superhero team the Unparalleled and the Overseer has been thoroughly enjoyable to take in across this whole story arc while Slott give us yet another friendly facist dictator, the likes of which The Fantastic Four always seem to run into on their travels, the conclusion doesn’t really deal with this inconvenient truth and, in the treaty Reed and the Overseer come to, it would seem that the current status quo will still remain in place. Reed and company may have been accused or breaking the world, but it’s certainly not challenged its governing body on jot. Yes, there is a newfound peace on Spyre, but at what individual cost?

It would seem that the FF are, like the crew of the USS Enterprise, destined to travel the stars, but not offend or interfere in any way, even though they do, so why not go the full hog and fight for democracy across the stars? For such a big brain, Reed Richards can sure act dumb. I mean, would you just a guy who takes his fashion sense from Lex Luthor?

Fantastic Four #19 is available now from Marvel.

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