Your First Look At ‘The Green Lantern Season 2’ #3 By Grant Morrison And Liam Sharp

by Oliver MacNamee

Big boys,, have bagged a exclusive interview with the word wizard Grant Morrison in which he confirms that tis new season is a love letter to the Silver Age, something that’;s all too clear to anyone reading this radical run. They also shared a first look at The Green Lantern Season 2 #3, which is all the excuse we need to share these untouched art pages with you.

Similar in style to his forthcoming cover for the Green Lantern 100 page anniversary issue, this seems to be yet another evolutionary step in Liam Sharp’s continuing development. He’s nothing short of the T-800 of the comic book world at this point. Furthermore, it’s to DC Comics credit they didn’t try and publish this under their DC Black Label imprint and keep it rooted in DCU continuity. Nice.

Check it out below and take it all in.

Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp continue their master class in comic book entertainment as Hal Jordan remains grounded on Earth by the Young Guardians. But when U.S. Air Force general “Herc” Stone reenlists “Highball” Jordan for a mission to locate his missing pilots, including Hal’s ex Cowgirl, Jordan discovers an alien presence more dangerous than any stormy relationship!

The Green Lantern Season 2 #3 will be out April 8th from DC Comics


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