BBC To Livestream Doctor Who S1 Ep1 ‘Rose’ To Celebrate 15th Annivesary Of New Show

by Olly MacNamee

Fifteen years ago today Doctor Who regenerated into a Mancunian leather coat wearing Timelord (payed by Christopher Eccleston) and returned to the BBC for the first time since 1989. Along for the ride was his new side-kick, Rose Tyler (played by Billie Piper), who became one fo the more popular sidekick in Doctor Who history.

Well, to mark the occasion – and to stave off the coronavirus boredom that I imagine has already set in – the BBC will live stream the original first episode of this new run, ‘Rose’ and none other than Russell T Davies, the original show runner on this new reincarnation of a TV sci-fi classic, will be on Twitter to chat with fans using the hashtag #TripofaLifetime.

He’s even written a special prequel as an introduction to Rose and to accompany this evening’s live stream that kicks of at 7pm (GMT) here in the UK.

Check out the prequel as well as how to watch and get more involved here ahead of tonight’s streaming.

Olly MacNamee

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