Sunday Service (Part 6): Bearded Man Comics

by Oliver MacNamee

We leave you with a look at an online publisher who have a number of cool looking books and merchandise that took my fancy.

Bearded Man Comics started like as a web building project before the two original partners parted ways, leaving Juan Espinosa with the site that he then turned into his online store for the comic book series Adventures of a System Admin, stickers and more he has since created.

Here’s the lowdown on:

The Adventures of a System Admin series is based on the struggles and every day tasks of a System Administrator. Gordidon is a Sysadmin on the making and is very eager to learn all the tricks to build his own cyber security company. In this Spectacular First Issue, we learn how Gordidon started to become a System Administrator.

Again, by highlighting some of the great alternative comics out there (and we’ve certainly done that over the course of this afternoon) we do hope you take the tie. to consider these creators and what they have to offer and think about supporting fellow fans.

Check out their store here.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, wherever you are.


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