Review: ‘X-Men’ #9 Goes Cosmic With The Brood

by Tony Thornley

One of the greatest cosmic threats in the Marvel Universe is the Brood, a species of nearly mindless monsters. One of the most terrifying things about them is that there’s still not a lot we don’t know about them. That all changes in X-Men #9.

Jonathan Hickman, Leinil Yu, Sunny Gho, Clayton Cowles, and Tom Muller take the X-Men into the heart of the galaxy.

In the wake of the Brood invasion of Krakoa, Cyclops blasts towards the heart of the Shi’ar Empire with his family, holding the King Brood egg. Meanwhile the Kree are trying to hunt down the egg and are tearing through the Shi’ar to find it. Can the X-Men stop both threats before they destroy them all?

In the course of a single issue, Hickman completely tears down and rebuilds everything we’ve learned about the Brood. He establishes further details about their origins, he inserts the Kree and a bioweapon, and it ends with a completely new status quo for the Brood and a fan-favorite X-Man. It’s an exciting thriller of a story, but it does have the downside of being such a plot heavy issue that the few character moments fall flat.

Yu and Gho cut loose in this issue with probably their best showing on this run to date. Yu has a great eye for action, and he builds a lot of tension in the lead up to the brawl with the invading Brood. He makes the aliens extremely creepy and their swarm is terrifying. He even makes the issue ending twist very funny (and a little gross).

The X-Men have changed the Brood forever, and it’s going to make for a great change for the entire Marvel Universe.

X-Men #9 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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