The Weekly 2000 AD Prog 2175: The Return Of The Survival Geeks & A Big Surprise Inside

by Richard Bruton

The Weekly 2000 AD… Week in and week out, giving you the preview of the new 2000 AD Prog. The UK’s best sci-fi weekly since 1977. four decades and still going strong.

Cover by Brett Parson

This week, things get weird. And we don’t mean the return of those transdimensional tools, the Survival Geeks, with their latest misadventure, Crisis Of Infinite Nerds. There’s the second and final part of the mini-Dredd (in both senses of the word) with ‘Hair of the Dog’, more Skip Tracer and more from Aquila.

As for the weird thing… well, it’s the fifth strip here… listed in the title page as this…

And even more tantalisingly, in the press preview copy of the Prog that comes through every week, the final pages of the Prog look like this…

Oh yes, something interesting is happening, that’s for sure.

Even more so when we’re seeing ads online like this…

Prog 2175 is out in the UK and on digital on 1 April, with international copies coming out later – those of you in the good old US of A might need to ask for it at your LCS. Now, without further ado… The Weekly 2000 AD


JUDGE DREDD: HAIR OF THE DOG – PART 2 – FINAL PART – Ian Edginton, D’israeli, letters by Annie Parkhouse

Now, first of all, isn’t that gorgeous seeing D’Israeli’s artwork doing a very different Dredd?

Second, it’s a great little Dredd tale, emphasis on the little, as Dredd finds himself fighting small-scale crime in a most unusual landscape. Fun and silly stuff from Edginton and D’Israeli.


SKIP TRACER: NIMROD – PART 5 – James Peatty, Paul Marshall, colours by Dylan Teague, letters by Simon Bowland.

Skip Tracer has seen the devastation that Nimrod brings and found out that everything goes back to the Consociation’s military effort. At some point, there’s going to be a face-off with Nimrod, but not before we find out more about the threat.

It continues to be a really well put together piece of comic work, with Paul Marshall’s artwork and Dylan Teague’s colours really looking strong.


SURVIVAL GEEKS: CRISIS OF INFINITE NERDS – PART 1 – Emma Beeby, Gordon Rennie, Neil Googe, colours by Gary Caldwell, letters by Annie Parkhouse

A mystery invitation for the Survival Geeks has pulled their transdimensional semi-detached someplace very strange. How strange?

This strange… ‘All the geeks of all the multiverse! Jumpin’ Jim Shooter!’

Rennie and Beeby set their sights on the ridiculousness of multiverse crossovers. This one should be loads of fun.


AQUILA: THE BURNING FIELDS – PART 2 – Gordon Rennie, Patrick Goddard, colours by Pippa Bowland, letters by Jim Campbell

Looking back on his life and what brought him to be this shadow of his former self, blind, broken bones, fighting amongst the lowest for cheap entertainment, this feels like the final Aquila.

Here, it’s back to the Roman-Jewish War of 70 AD, as Centurian Aquila protects his Emporer Titus as part of the search for the way down to hell.

Although looking at where he finds himself just nine years on, it seems he’s found it already.

As always, Goddard’s artwork is just so spectacularly solid, but bursts into action when it’s called for.


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