AHOY Comics Reassures Fans And Creators

by Oliver MacNamee

Hart Seely, AHOY Comics publisher, has reassured both the comic buyers of the world and creators who are working on current books, or scheduled books, for the company with an optimistic message ahead of the weekend. And, I am more than sure this is exactly what creators will embrace.

Reassuring and promising, it’s good to see, once again, comic book publishers reassuring people in this way.

Here’s Hart’s full statement below, which you can also read on their website too:

Ahoy, readers of AHOY,

As they say in the funny-books, things look bad for our heroes…

The economy is flat, jobless rates have skyrocketed, and a “Forever Roll” of Charmin Ultra-Soft has become the new currency. The comics industry has gone into hibernation, everyone is scared, and lately, some of you have inquired about the health of AHOY.

First, thanks for asking! Secondly, don’t worry: We at AHOY are not going to let some rinky-dink virus keep us from making the best comics in the world.

In other words, we are not backpedaling on any of our books. We remain committed to our employees, our freelancers, our comic book shops and to you – the true superheroes.

Listen: We have no crystal ball into the future. Clearly, some publication dates will be delayed. Some books might come out in formats or platforms that are still evolving. Who knows how long this will last? Who knows what perils lie ahead? There are no guarantees. But we do know what Dragonflyman or Captain Ginger would do: Press onward!

And so, we shall. In that quest, we invite you to join us. Keep reading, keep imagining, keep caring – keep doing all that crazy shit you normally do – just wash your hands, okay?

We plan to be there for you. (Damn! Maybe somebody, someday, will make a comic out of this…) And keep checking the AHOY website, as we’ll be continuing to post an extra each and every Friday.

Once again, thank you for the privilege of serving you.

—Hart Seely



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