Sunday Service (Part 1): The Fantasy Saga ‘The Legend of Azure’ #1 Previewed

by Oliver MacNamee

Over the past few weekends we’ve been focussing your attention on several independent publishers and comic books, and we thought we’d take one further look at a few books out there you may be interested in picking up. After all, it’s these small time creators who do not have to beholden to Diamond Distribution, who have a choke hold on the whole comic book industry. Not for these guys, though, as their distribution model is usually down to them packaging and posting their product and mailing it straight to the fan. That, or upload it onto comiXology, as our first previewed comic book creator has done…

So, first up on today’s slate is a preview of The Legend of Azure #1 by Mason Easley with issue #2 also available on comiXology now! For only 99 cents each. The Legend of Azure is a fantasy saga, with a. manga-like art style to it, in which our hero, Azure, seeks to restore his father’s legacy and cure his brother of a debilitating demonic curse. But, of course, it won’t be plain sailing on this quest, and the action. gets going pretty damn quickly in this preview of the first issue.

Before his birth, Azure Andalwulf’s father sacrificed himself in order to save his family and the world from a powerful demon. Unfortunately in doing so, he betrayed the kingdom and plunged his surviving family into a life of ruin and exile. Now, Azure seeks to restore his family’s reputation by becoming a powerful warrior like his father before him. However, shadowy forces from the past and present lurk all around him, seeking to end his journey of redemption and complete their sinister plans.


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