‘Heavy Metal’ Launch A New Comic Book Imprint, Virus, In The Middle Of A Pandemic.

by Oliver MacNamee

In what must be one of the worst of time to launch a new comic book line, Heavy Metal have gone ahead and announced a new imprint anyway called (somewhat inappropriately, some might say), Virus, featuring a number of new comic books with 15% of the cover price going back to the creative teams.

Their first titles will go on sale this Wednesday 29th April – if you can find a comic store open that is – with their slate including The Red (by Rosenblum, Medney, Bownz, Hander and Lam), Nomobots (by Agrimbau and Tumburus), Hymn of the Teada (by Medney, Rosenblum, Mechler, Fung, Pinchuk and Bownz) and Garbage Factory (by Jakofire and Kim) as well as Bob Fingerman’s upcoming book, Dotty’s Inferno.

Personally,with so many new publishers currently sidelined, is there really going to be any new room in the market place? With AWA Studios own launch somewhat clipped by this pandemic, as well as Diamond holding comics as hostages and news of more and more retailers shutting up shop, maybe this should be a time for consolidation rather than expansion? If we do – and I think we will – hit a huge downturn in the global economy, can we even afford to add more to our pull lists at a time when many of us are probably reviewing our own spending habits already? I wish anyone the best of luck with such an endeavour at this time. But, I do fear the worse.

For more on this new launch, check out the official Heavy Metal news page here.

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