Z2 Comics Expands With Slew Of New Hires

by James Ferguson

Indie publisher Z2 Comics is on the rise after some announcements about major upcoming releases like Grateful Dead: Origins and Electric Century. As such, it has brought on a number of new hires to help continue that growth.

Josh Frankel, publisher and founder of Z2 says:

Comics is a tough business; a fact anyone who has spent any time in the industry knows, and this is especially true in these uncertain times. However due to Z2’s focus on establishing new readers, quality and modern advertising and marketing techniques we have had exponential growth in the last year. With our new hires I am certain we will be able to further speed Z2’s expansion, with each new employee brings important views and talents into the company. I can’t wait to see how their presence helps us to further expand and evolve.

First up is Jeremy Atkins, joining Z2 as Vice President of PR and Marketing, focused on driving brand awareness in traditional markets and navigating the ever-changing media landscape across music, publishing, pop culture, and beyond. Most recently, Atkins worked with Polarity’s family of brands.

Jeremy Atkins says:

What Josh and Sridhar have accomplished in a relatively short time is not only admirable but inspiring. Z2 has legitimized the marriage of music and comic book storytelling in a way rarely, if ever, achieved by those who have tried before. This new position gives me the opportunity to combine my two greatest loves under one job title and leverage the most exciting upcoming slate of projects anywhere in publishing. I am thrilled to call Z2 home.

Rantz Hoseley has joined Z2 Comics as Senior Editor with a history of music-related graphic fiction including the Comic Book Tattoo anthology. Hoseley’s projects at Z2 will be announced in the coming months.

Rantz Hoseley says:

Since 2008, with the release of Comic Book Tattoo, I’ve been an advocate for the natural collaborative energies shared by comics and music. It’s exciting to be a part of a company that sees those energies as a fundamental part of their publishing slate, and I look forward to helping bring to life books that will provide an experience for readers that’s as powerful as the music that inspired the stories.

Anthony Lauletta has joined Z2 Comics as Vice President of Digital Strategy, overseeing digital marketing efforts to drive brand awareness and direct-to-consumer sales through the Z2 website. Previously he served as the Director of Digital Strategy at Danny Wimmer Presents, the largest independent live events promoter in North America.

Anthony Lauletta says:

Z2 Comics poses a remarkable opportunity for artists to connect with their fans and tell stories in a new way, and also serves as a unique extension to an artist’s merchandising. I couldn’t be more excited about joining the company at a time when these initiatives are more crucial than ever.

Finally, Dominique Roses has joined Z2 Comics has a Marketing and Production Associate, working with the publisher’s executives to execute efforts across departments. She’s previously worked with Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclair on Rocket Girl and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

Dominique Roses says:

Working at Z2 Comics has already been a new adventure and experience from week to week” says Roses. “I’m looking forward to growing alongside such an exciting company.

Congratulations to the new hires. This is an exciting time for Z2 Comics and moves like this will help position the publisher for some big things to come.

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