(Super Sunday Part 3): The Dark Trinity Look To Expand In ‘Red Hood Outlaw’ #45

by Oliver MacNamee

Jason Todd is in Qurac and facing with an army of the damned Red Hood Outlaw #45 while Artemis has her one problem to deal with. Another action-packed issue brought to you by Scott Lobdell and Paolo Pantalena. Out Tuesday 19th May.

Red Hood, Artemis, and Bizarro have battled many threats together…but they’ve never faced a veritable army of the damned! Which is what is happening during the protests on the streets of Qurac as the Untitled prepare to strike at the heart of humanity! At the same time Artemis has to go sword-to-sword with Essence. As the enemy gathers its forces, it is clear the Dark Trinity needs to expand its roster-and fast!

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