Latest ‘Magic: ManaStrike’ Update Includes Ikoria II Season, New Card Types, And More

by Gary Catig

Magic ManaStrike May

Another month means another update from Netmarble for their hit game, Magic: ManaStrike. There is some great new content involving a new Magic Pass season, a new skin, three new cards, and more. Hopefully players can enjoy these most recent additions.

There is an “Ikoria II” season for the Magic Pass. Included in the season is an exclusive skin for the Blue/Black Planeswalker, Tezzeret, which is inspired by Tezzeret the Schemer in Magic: The Gathering. Also included are a Level Boost Voucher, a Skin selector, an Emoji and a new Player icon.

As part of the update is a new card type: hybrid multicolor cards. These can be used for color deck matching with one of the five iconic Magic colors. The three cards in the new type are the Blue/Black card Oona, Queen of the Fae; a Red/Green Regisaur Alpha card; and a White/Green Good-Fortune Unicorn card.

Other features from the latest update are:

  • Color Strategy TutorialA new color strategy tutorial focusing on building decks with White, Blue, and Black cards
  • Event Mode ImprovementsPlaneswalkers can now be purchased with a new currency that is obtained only in Event mode

Magic: ManaStrike is currently available.

Gary Catig

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