Stock Up On Award-Winning Manga From Kodansha Comics In New Humble Bundle

by James Ferguson

Every so often Humble Bundle goes on a run of great comic book collections. We’re in the middle of one now seeing recent batches like The Walking Dead and Locke & Key and now, a collection of award-winning manga from Kodansha Comics. This features titles like Love Hina, BECK, Parasyte, To Your Eternity, Space Brothers, Your Lie in April, and Princess Jellyfish.

Altogether, the pay-what-you-want bundle includes over $1,500 worth of manga in DRM-free formats. Although you can pay whatever you want, even as little as $1, you’ll need to pony up at least $20 if you want everything. That’s a small price to pay for everything included in this package though.

A portion of the proceeds will also go to the ACLU and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. At the time of this writing, over 3,300 bundles have been sold. It’s only available for another 19 days so be sure to snag this while you can.

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