An Unusual Bond Of Friendship Forms In ‘Sengi And Tembo’

by James Ferguson

Scout Comics has been cranking out the announcements lately, revealing a stacked lineup for this year. The latest book, Sengi and Tembo from creator Guiseppe Falco, follows a mouse and an elephant as they are thrown together on the African savannah and forced to rethink how they have understood their worlds.

Creator Guiseppe Falco says:

Entrusting a creation to a Publisher always creates a little fear and tension in me. How will they treat it? Will they take care of it? How will they present it to the world?  When Scout Comics decided to be the Publisher of Sengi and Tembo, I was very happy about and I was certain that they would take great care of it. Sengi and Tembo tells my point of view on life. An important theme dressed, though, with fun outfits. I hope that the final result, thanks to the work of all of us, will also appeal to you readers.

Sengi, the mouse, is forced to learn how to survive on his own after the death of his mother. Meanwhile, Tembo, an old elephant, feels his life is coming to an end and decides to leave his herd to search for the “Land without beginning,” a mythical place accessible through a secret passage to the west. Their paths cross, changing their futures forever.

Sengi and Tembo is set to debut this Fall.

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