Super Sunday (Part 2): A Tale Of Two Sisters Told In ‘Saving Kumoko’

by Oliver MacNamee

Saving Kumoko is our next Kickstarter campaign for this afternoon from Maalikah Aneesah, a young female comic book creators who’s keen interest in ancient mythologies is the inspiration fro this new planned 8 issue series.

The story follows Iya and her sister Olabisi as they try to find the ingredients for a healing potion in Africa. And, it’s another comic book project grown out of Aneesah’s own reading experience and a lack of characters she could relate to herself, as she states:

“I am an aspiring writer from Chicago, and this story is my heart and soul on paper. I’ve always loved fantasy stories with great characters and world building, but much to my dismay I’ve only seen a handful that features someone like me. How many stories can you find with a black female character thats fun and relatable? That’s why I decied to create my own. I wanted to see a black girl living in a fanstasy world that wasn’t utterly depressing and where she doesn’t have to fight oppressions. I wanted to write a character for the little girls who never see themselves.”

To be fair on Aneesah, she is upfront about her plans and while there is no comic completely drawn yet, she is hoping to make enough money from this campaign to hire an artist and get the first issue done. The only worry I would have is that she is aiming to get the first issue done to show to prospective publishers and not attempt publishing herself as most crowdfunded comics do. But, it’s all there on here campaign page for all to read here.


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