Review: ‘The Green Lantern Season 2’ #5 Gives Us Another Whacky And Wonderful Silver Age Soaked Showdown

by Olly MacNamee

Time and again Grant Morrison has plundered the dusty treasure chests of DC Comics’ Silver Age, remixing long forgotten one-hit wonders – or worse, one appearance wonders – and regurgitating them into our modern of modern sensibilities. And so he does again, with willing partner Liam Sharp, as The Green Lantern Season 2 #5 briefly introduces us to Powerlord, once known as Power-Boy from a long time ago in a Superboy comic far, far away. Superboy #52 to be exact. But now, no longer the hero, but rather a criminal for hire, or something thereabouts. 

But, Powerlord’s part is cut short as other Silver Age forgotten heroes Hyperman and Hyperwoman – who we saw so menacingly at the end of the last issue – become the real focus for this issue’s story. Although, there’s nothing that hyper about this chastised chump, when Hyperwoman takes charge against Hal Jordan in a very Kirby inspired issue art-wise. A pop-art issue from a pop-art writer.  Although, there are scenes involving a menacing, shadow-engulfed Hyperman that reminded me of the grotesqueries of Rick Veitch’s The One or his Maximortal, giving this issue a creepiness at odds with the optimism of the Silver Age, but all too appropriate for contemporary comics. 

Superboy #52

Once more, Morrison and Sharp give us darker, more dangerous Silver Age archetypes recast as murderous, super-powered doppelgängers and giving Green Lantern a good pasting, initially. The whole of this second season has been infused with the kind of narratives where anything imaginable can happen with logic not necessarily having any right to be here in this brave new DCU that Morrison and Sharp are forging. In that way the whole second arc of this 24 issue run seems to be a drawn out love letter to this forgotten about history of the DCU, while also setting a path for Jordan to the future too.

How much of what Morrison and Sharp achieve here is taken up by future writers will be down to matter of choice, taste and, I dare say, editorial consideration too. But, I find that is always better to embrace Morrison’s madness, otherwise the universe – no, make that the multiverse – would be a lot dull without his and Sharpie’s imaginations.

The Green Lantern Season 2 #5 is available now from DC Comics

Olly MacNamee

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