The Samurai From ‘Gintama’ Join ‘The King of Fighters Allstar’ For Special Event

by Gary Catig

It looks like The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross isn’t the only mobile game receiving a high-profile crossover with a popular anime franchise. The King of Fighters Allstar, which is also developed by Netmarble, is partnering Gintama for a special event.

The collaboration has already begun and runs until August 13. Ten new characters are available to collect including the main hero, Gintoki. They also include Kagura, Kondou, Okita, Hijikata, Takasugi, Katsura, Elizabeth, Kamui and White Yaksha Gintoki Sakata. All the characters, along with their Battle Cards, can be acquired through additional features such as new dungeons.

There are also a wide variety of in-game events. To fit with the crossover theme, there is the Gintama Attendance Event and Kagura’s Super Mission offering the chance to obtain the characters Elizabeth and Kagura. In addition, there is a 2nd Anniversary Attendance Event where players can earn up to 50 Battle Card Summon Tickets and 1 FES Fighter Reward.

The King of Fighters Allstar is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

Gary Catig

Gary Catig is west coast raised, east coast educated, and has a touch of southern charm. He has spent most of his adult life making science fiction a reality as an engineer conducting research in the military, microprocessor, and biotechnology fields. While currently living in San Diego, he enjoys all facets of pop culture including but not limited to comics, TV, movies, and music.

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