Comic-Con@Home: Finance For Creatives

by Benjamin Hall

The panel line up consists of: moderator Karen Martin, financial planner Sean Nisil, loan officer Eric Atilano, producer and animator Chris Neuhan, and founder and art director of Little Fish Comic Book Studio, Alonso Nunez. (Karen Martin has The Princess Project as her work credit.) Martin leads the panel, but provides less information than the others. However, she at one point does talk about the importance of art, and seeking help for mental health. She also does a good job moderating the panelists, especially when Chris Neuhan makes comments that almost derail the forward momentum of the panel. (Though Neuhan does not seem to do so with any kind of ill intent.)


Sean Nisil attempts an empowering message before giving financial advice. Some of the simpler advice is to work on keeping existing buyers/clients/fans. While another is to look to expunge “unnecessary expenses.” Both Nisil, and Neil Narvaez bring up the Cares Act law changes. Though Narvaez goes into more comprehensive advice than Nisil on this matter. One thing Narvaez brings up on the matter is the difference between two loans that are a part of the Cares Act. Narvaez also comments on online self-promotion being a smart idea during this trying time.

There are a lot of “don’ts” each panelist either mentions or reiterates after an earlier panelist brings it up. One of the more important ones comes from Eric Atilano involving when not to go into forbearance. Also, both Nuehan and Narvaez talk about not assuming things about loan forgiveness. Alonso Nunez is the final one to give advice before a roundtable discussion to give advice. Nunez’s advice is mainly about being mentally flexible and set up for the worst, but retaining hope for the best. Lastly, the roundtable discussion section has nobody really mentioning anything relevant to the panel’s topic.

Benjamin Hall

Among Benjamin Hall's many credits he is the creator and writer of the comic Time Trio; a writer/editor of various works for Sequart Organization; Blogger for; a columnist for Comicon. He holds a Bachelor's in film studies and a Master's Degree in Media Communications. He is also an Aspie.

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