Comic-Con@Home: Sailor Moon — The Power Of Female Friendship

by Benjamin Hall

Comic book historian and moderator Jessica Tseang, comedian and activist Chris Bryant, writer Sam Maggs, and Sailor Moon Crystal voice actresses Kate Higgins, Michelle Ruff and Amanda Celine Miller gathered to discuss Sailor Moon during Comic-Con@Home on Saturday. While there were a few audio hiccups, the panelists’ audio was mostly high quality. As for the panel itself, it ran pretty smoothly. Although, it seemed to take a few minutes before the panelists became truly energetic. However, Tseang did a great job hosting and chose some good questions which allowed the conversation to stay on topic. She also brought up the fact that next year is the 30th anniversary of the original Sailor Moon (1991-1997).

The panelists all had things to say about the series and the concept of friendship throughout the panel. Bryant, for example, talked about how accepting of straight and LGBTQ cosplayers the fandom seems to be. Bryant also mentioned how the viewers’ preconceptions of gender can change when watching Sailor Moon (1992-1997). Maggs talked about how the franchise allows for many types of inspiration and representation. At one point, Higgins mentioned how the characters can be seen as aspects of a whole person. Miller discussed being cast as Sailor Jupiter and how the creator of Sailor Moon (Takeuchi Naoko) chose her for the cast of Sailor Moon Crystal (2014-2016) — she still considers it a dream role.

There was also talk of how friendships can come about from this franchise. The panelists also all joked about the 1990s English translation’s censorship controversy. Tseang and the others also discussed how the series was a trailblazer for positive representations of different females and LGBTQ. The conversation also led to a look at the ways Sailor Moon and Crystal are different and yet not.

Benjamin Hall

Among Benjamin Hall's many credits he is the creator and writer of the comic Time Trio; a writer/editor of various works for Sequart Organization; Blogger for; a columnist for Comicon. He holds a Bachelor's in film studies and a Master's Degree in Media Communications. He is also an Aspie.

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