Review: The Battle Is Over, But Not The War In ‘Birthright #45’

by James Ferguson

What do you do when you slay the dragon? You can’t just pick up the pieces and go back to a normal life. Mikey has faced down God King Lore and emerged victorious, but the battle is not over. Earth and Terrenos are still on a collision course unless Brennan can complete a new spell to seal the barriers between the two worlds once and for all.

As big and climactic as Birthright #44 was, I knew we were still in for some big moments. There are still a few issues left of this series and the creative team is not done shocking us. That is definitely the case with this issue. It’s a tense race against time that’s coupled with some great emotional moments.

Family has always been a major part of Birthright and this issue is no different. It’s amazing how writer Joshua Williamson has weaved these deep interactions in between all the chaos and excitement. There are a few of them in Birthright #45, but my absolute favorite is when Mikey is reunited with his family after the battle. It’s so beautiful.

Artist Andrei Bressan brings this to life in the best possible way. The fight scenes are packed with excitement and the quieter moments are full of life. He’s set a high bar for this series that has only been surpassed with each chapter.

Every image in Birthright #45 packs a punch. Each one propels the story forward by leaps and bounds while also revealing so much about each character. The blend of real world and the fantasy one is incredible. It’s amazing to see how the two worlds contrast one another. Earth was always peaceful and Terrenos was a war zone. Now the two are flipped, like the bloodshed followed Lore as he jumped from one world to the other.

Colorist Adriano Lucas makes the fantasy elements really pop on the page with some brilliant color work. When Brennan is wielding magic, it’s like an electric energy so bright you practically have to squint to see it. You immediately get a sense of the raw power at work, matching up against the monumental task that Brennan has taken on. This light is one of hope, cutting through the fiery skies and devastation all around them.

Letterer Pat Brosseau drives home the intensity of Brennan’s work, showing powerful commands screamed out into the ether. The boy is determined to see this through at whatever the cost.

Clearly, the final battle was just the beginning of the end when it comes to Birthright. There is so much more to unpack. This comic has consistently delivered on epic, emotional moments and incredible fantasy action month in and month out and it’s not done yet. I cannot imagine what the rest of the series holds for us.

Birthright #45 from Image Comics & Skybound Entertainment is currently available at your local comic shop an digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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