Preview: A Sneaky Peek At The Murphyverse’s Harley In ‘Harley Quinn Black + White + Red’ #9 DC Digital First

by Oliver MacNamee

Something of a different issue of DC Digital First’s Harley Quinn Black + White + Red today as we get a sneak peek at the upcoming Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn from writer Katana Collins and artist Matteo Scalera. Check it out in our preview below. The artwork by Scalera is certainly in keeping with that of Sean Murphy, the creator of the Batman: White Knight alternative universe:

“Black, White Knight, and Red” – From the pages of Sean Murphy’s BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT, a sneak peek at the upcoming spinoff series BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT PRESENTS HARLEY QUINN! Harley looks back on the night of her first arrest by Batman. In the heat of one of her earliest escapades with the Joker, Harley’s high spirits are tanked and she gets a cold glimpse of the chaos to come when violence escalates and their heist is crashed by Batman and Robin. Forced to save face or take the high road, Harley makes a choice that will cement her unspoken bond with Batman for years to come.

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