‘The Batman’ Shuts Down Production Again; Robert Pattinson Reportedly Infected With COVID-19

by Erik Amaya

Early on Thursday, Warner Bros. Pictures told the media production on The Batman was once again shutting down as a member of the crew had contracted COVID-19. But it seems the person on set with the novel coronavirus was star Robert Pattinson.

According to Vanity Fair‘s Anthony Breznican, the actor tested positive for the virus. Neither the studio nor Pattinson’s representatives will confirm this to be the case, but in its previous statement, Warner Bros’ said the infected crewmember “is isolating in accordance with established protocols.”

Of course, questions will be asked in the days ahead about how the actor contracted the virus when safety protocols were supposed to be put in place to allow productions like The Batman to resume. Nevertheless, the fact one of the biggest corporations on the planet could not protect the stars of its more important property just underscores how insidious and pervasive COVID-19 really is.

In fact, “insidious” was one the words Dwayne Johnson used when the actor revealed he and his entire family tested positive for the virus a few weeks back. In an impassioned Instagram video, the future Black Adam star urged his fans to take all available safety precautions and any steps they can to boost their immune systems. Johnson’s words also suggest he or someone in his family suffered some of the symptoms of the virus.

And that variety in symptoms and their severity makes COVID-19 anything from a mild flu to a killer.

It is, of course, hopped Pattinson — if he is the infected crewmember — makes a full recovery, but we also hope the studios figure out how to better protect the people in their employ as they attempt to restart the film industry.

The Batman is currently scheduled for release on October 1st, 2021, but this could very easily change.

Erik Amaya

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