The Return Of Elric In ‘The Eternal Champion’ Collection By Druillet, Cawthorn And Titan Comics

by Richard Bruton

Coming in January 2021, Titan Comics brings a classic back into print with Elric the Eternal Champion collection, written by Michael Moorcock and featuring art by the legendary Philippe Druillet and James Cawthorn.

The chronicles of Elric by Michael Moorcock has enchanted readers for many decades now and the eternal champion has featured over the years in many comic adaptations.

But in January 2021, Titan Comics, through its Statix Press imprint, brings two rarely seen adventures back into print – and these are two incredible adventures, penned by two incredible artists – Philippe Druillet (Salammbo, The Night, Lone Sloane) and James Cawthorn (Hawkmoon, The Chronicles of Corum, Conan the Barbarian).

Elric the Eternal Champion collection – spread by Philippe Druillet

This latest Elric collection is an essential part of the Michael Moorcock Library, released by Titan Comics, and features one of Moorcock’s most famous characters, Elric of Melniboné. This fantasy, sword & sorcery epic began with the publication of the first Elric tale, The Dreaming City, in 1961. Elric is the 428th emperor of Melniboné and one incarnation of Moorcock’s Eternal Champion character.

(Elric the Eternal Champion collection – spread by Philippe Druillet)

Philippe Druillet‘s comics career is legendary, a writer and artist whose style is truly innovative and quite wonderful to see. His works include Lone Sloane, Salammbô, Mirages, Yragaël, and City of Flowers. He was also one of the founders of the publishing house Les Humanoïdes Associés, and the magazine Métal Hurlant. And should you need an example of Druillet’s work, I reviewed The Night here at Comicon.

James Cawthorn had a long working relationship with Moorcock, illustrating his prose serials, and the comic strip Planet Peril, and writing the three-part serial Handar the Red in Tarzan Adventures, and illustrating for the Sexton Blake Library. He also drew graphic novels adaptations of Moorcock stories, including Strombringer, The Jewel in the Skull, and The Crystal and the Amulet. Cawthorn sadly passed away in 2008.

Elric the Eternal Champion collection – spread by Philippe Druillet

The Michael Moorcock Library – Elric the Eternal Champion collection, written by Michael Moorcock, art by Philippe Druillet and James Cawthorn, published by Titan Comics / Statix Press in hardback in January 2021.

And we’ll leave you with three spreads from Elric from James Cawthorn

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