‘Black Widow’ May Face Another Delay

by Erik Amaya

It seems Black Widow‘s greatest adversary is box office uncertainty.

Variety reports the film, originally scheduled for release on May 1st, may be delayed again from its November 6th date as worries about box offices grosses continue to plague the studios. Indeed, most movie theaters are running at limited capacity as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, which has depressed year-over-year film receipts by over 80%. Those low returns could be killer for high profile films like Black Widow and the next James Bond picture, No Time To Die, also currently scheduled for November.

As it happens, Warner Bros. Pictures already moved the thrice-delayed Wonder Woman 1984 to Christmas day, sparking many to doubt the late Fall/early winter calendar will remain solid for long. Disney’s upcoming Pixar film, Soul, may also leave its November release for a delay or a Disney+ release mimicking Hamilton and Artemis Fowl.

Variety notes if Disney alters its schedule it will leave No Time To Die in the cross-hairs again. Can that film risk being part of the severely depressed 2020 box office?

Meanwhile, another Black Widow delay also means the rest of Marvel Studio’s Phase 4 and early Phase 5 release schedule will change once again, pushing films into the furthest 2023 release dates and, potentially, into 2024.

Erik Amaya

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