December’s ‘Wolverine’ #8 Is Also ‘Wolverine’ #350

by James Ferguson

You have to love Marvel Math. The publisher has rebooted series over and over again, but can still go back to the original legacy numbering when it hits a milestone number. That’s what’s happening this December with the release of Wolverine #8, now also known as Wolverine #350. It intends to celebrate the character and his legacy with a story from writer Benjamin Percy and artists Adam Kubert and Viktor Bogdanovic, that takes him back to one of his most classic eras.

“Listen up, bub. Wolverine is my favorite comics character, and I’d consider myself lucky to write him at any point in time, but especially now. The Dawn of X has brought about a rich, exciting, and inarguably historic era for the X-Men,” Percy said. “This is a milestone moment, and now we have a milestone issue to mark the occasion—Wolverine #350. That’s a number to celebrate.

Wolverine #8 / #350 picks up when a secret enemy starts making moves against Logan’s old crew, Team X. This sends him on the hunt, but as the mystery deepens, Wolverine picks up the scent of his old compatriot, Maverick. This adventure will introduce new enemies, redefine old allies, and give Logan plenty of opportunities to do what he does best.

This issue will be an oversized edition and feature a main cover by Adam Kubert. Look for Wolverine #8 / #350 in December 2020.

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