Tatiana Maslany Reportedly Cast As She-Hulk

by Erik Amaya

Everyone’s favorite clone is about to become their favorite Marvel attorney-at-law (sorry, Matt Murdoch, you know it’s true).

Deadline reports Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany has been cast as Jennifer Walters in Disney+’s upcoming She-Hulk series. The program will introduce Marvel Cinematic Universe fans to Jennifer, Bruce Banner’s cousin and a New York attorney. When her life is imperiled after an accident, a blood infusion from Bruce gives her Hulk-like powers. Unlike Bruce, she remains in control as the Hulking effect is a permanent change. Well, for them most part anyway.

Nevertheless, Jennifer resumes her law practice, forcing opponents in court to adjust to her green skin and larger stature. Whether or not Maslany maintains She-Hulk’s gamma-radiated hue and larger build throughout the series remains to be seen — it is always an option to have the character Hulk out for action scenes and maintain a more human appearance while in the courtroom.

Marvel has yet to confirm the report, but Maslany is the program’s likely star.

Rick and Morty‘s Jessica Gao will serve as showrunner — an appointment which suggests to us that the show will follow the more comical tone of the 2014-2015 She-Hulk series by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido. That series saw Jennifer more as an lawyer than an Avengers; although some of the cases she took on still led to fisticuffs. Veteran It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia director Kat Coiro also joined the project in recent days as an executive producer. She will also helm the show’s pilot and a handful of additional episodes. Presumably, she also had a hand in choosing Maslany.

Next up: casting supporting cast members like the possibly supernatural paralegal Angie, her pet monkey Wei Wei, and — if we’re lucky — Patsy Walker. Although, considering her existence as Trish Walker on Netflix’s Jessica Jones, it is possible Hellcat will have to be replaced as Jen’s go-to private eye. Then again, we’d love to see Rachael Taylor play a different (and happier) version of Trish.

She-Hulk is expected on Disney+ sometime in 2022.

Erik Amaya

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