Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney To Buy Welsh Soccer Club Wrexham AFC?

by Oliver MacNamee

Back in 2012 a lone Welshman, and fan of Wrexham Football Club, tweeted the following rather innocuous tweet: “you never know when Ryan Reynolds is going to turn up in Wrexham.” Just a bit of fun, right?

Well, fast forward 8 years later and it would seen Reynolds is finally in a position to respond, and has in his usual comedic style. But, behind this tweet is the rather bizarre news that Reynolds, alongside It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s creator Rob McElhenney, are in negotiations to possibly buy this smaller league football – sorry, soccer – club.

Fan-owned since 2011, 1,223 of the Wrexham Supporters Trust members voted in favour of this offer – over 95% of the board – on Tuesday. Suddenly a joke has become a reality and the stuff that dreams are made of for fans of this small, but historically important club.

Having grown up in North Wales and attending Wrexham Art College, this small town, rural town – nestled against the backdrop of a very stereotypical idyllic Welsh landscape of hills, mountains and sheep – has a special part in my heart. And while I was never a fan of the team myself, a lot of my friends were. Furthermore, Wrexham is the furthest you can get from the glamour of Hollywood, I can assure you. But one that must appeal to these two heavy-hitters for whatever reason. After all, at any one time any of the lower league teams are up for grabs, as are many of the Premiership teams such as Newcastle United. 

But, what it does have is a lot of history and some prestige. Back in the 90s Wrexham, albeit a relatively small club, always had an impressive stadium that as often used to host the national Welsh team’s international matches, which gave it an air of that prestige I mentioned. The Racecourse, as it is called, is the oldest international football stadium in the world.

Established in 1864, Wrexham is also the oldest football club in Wales and the third oldest in the world. See what I mean about a legacy to be impressed by? I can see the appeal.

I even remember the day they knocked Arsenal out of the FA Cup (think, Superbowl, and you’re there) and the elation all across not only Wrexham but across the whole of North Wales too. Maybe those past glories will become a more regular feature of the club, should these Reynoldds and McElhenney become successful owners. It’ll certainly be huge step up from the dodgy Russian oligarchs, Middle Eastern princess and the likes loitering around in our Premier League. 

So, rolling hills, a legacy to be proud of, and a steal of a deal too. Here’s to you, Wrexham, and a bright, bold future.

More as this news develops, soccer fans.

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