Preview: ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers- Beyond The Grid’ Deluxe HC

by Brendan M. Allen

BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Beyond the Grid Deluxe HC, collecting Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issues #31-39, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Anniversary Special #1, and an all new story by Marguerite Bennett and Valeria Favoccia

Also featuring the talents of Simone Di Meo, French Carlomagno, Franceco Mortarino, Walter Baiamonte, Eleonora Bruni, Whitney Cogar, Ed Dukeshire, and Goni Montes, MMPR: Beyond The Grid Deluxe HC hits comic book store shelves this Wednesday, November 4th. 

‘The Power Rangers learn that powers are not all that make a hero! After the stunning conclusion to the hit comic book event Power Rangers: Shattered Grid, the Solar Rangers form an all-new, all-star team of Power Rangers, pulled together from across time and space to combat a never-before-seen evil.’ 

Check out the preview pages below.


Brendan M. Allen

Brendan Allen has probably had more jobs than you would reasonably believe. Dog trainer? He’s done it. Flooring contractor? You bet! EMT? Army NBC specialist? Road dog for a Celtic rock band? Yes, yes, and och aye! Now he reads comics and writes about them. It's a rough gig. You can follow Brendan on Twitter @SaintAmish where he tweets about comic books and cystic fibrosis awareness.

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