Review: The Boys Are Running For Their Lives In ‘Bill And Ted Are Doomed’ #3

by Brendan M. Allen

With the launch of their world music tour in chaos, Bill and Ted manage to escape a rioting death metal festival only to be marked for death by the insane leader of an evil metal band. With thousands of evil metal fans on a wild hunt for our heroes, can the Wyld Stallyns survive long enough to write the One Song on tour and save the future?!  

In Bill and Ted are Doomed #3, the death metal festival that Bill and Ted accidentally booked for the Wyld Stallyns devolves into absolute chaos. The boys are on the run from an overzealous death metal frontman and his supporting instrumentalists. Why? Because a band with Death himself in it isn’t hardcore enough for these cats. Tracking? Good. Because I’m not. 

Bill and Ted are Doomed came out of the gate reasonably strong, leaning heavily into the nostalgia that has kept this franchise alive for more than three decades. And then Evan Dorkin started going down rabbit trails that detract from the main thread, and have no chance of being resolved in the remaining 24 pages. 

This current situation must be the catalyst that will inspire the lads to write the song that will go on to change the fate of mankind. Hopefully, at least that bit will make a little sense in next month’s conclusion. 


The art remains the best thing about this four-chapter mini to date. Roger Langridge’s visual tone is really fun and the likenesses are accurate. Visually, this thing fits right into the established franchise. I just wish there was a more enjoyable story to match how great the art looks.

Bill and Ted are Doomed is a bit of a disappointment for me. I really wanted to like this series. The pacing has been off since the very first chapter, and it never had a chance to sort of find itself before we found ourselves just one chapter out. While the dialogue and interactions between the main characters seems honest and true to established canon, they just didn’t have many opportunities to open up and do anything interesting.

Bill and Ted are Doomed #3, Dark Horse Comics, 11 November 2020. Written by Evan Dorkin, art and letters by Roger Langridge, variant cover by Veronica Fish.


Bill and Ted manage to escape a rioting death metal festival only to be marked for death by the insane leader of an evil metal band.


Brendan M. Allen

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