Your First Look At The Explosive Series Finale Of ‘Angel And Spike’

by Brendan M. Allen

BOOM! Studios revealed a first look at series finale Angel & Spike #16, from writer Zac Thompson , artist Hayden Sherman, colorist Roman Titov, and letterer Ed Dukeshire along with writer and director Joss Whedon.

‘In the series finale, Team Angel – or Team Spike, no one can agree – must work with the werewolf Oz if they’re going to save the day. Meanwhile, Fred discovers her true power and a mysterious new connection to another universe (or universes!) where she and her friends have a scarily close relationship with Wolfram & Hart…’

Angel & Spike #16 features a main cover by Christopher J. Mitten, as well as variant covers by artist Gleb Melnikov, and illustrator Zarin Baksh, and will hit spinner racks this Wednesday, November 25 2020.

Check out the variant covers and first look preview pages below.

Brendan M. Allen

Brendan Allen has probably had more jobs than you would reasonably believe. Dog trainer? He’s done it. Flooring contractor? You bet! EMT? Army NBC specialist? Road dog for a Celtic rock band? Yes, yes, and och aye! Now he reads comics and writes about them. It's a rough gig. You can follow Brendan on Twitter @SaintAmish where he tweets about comic books and cystic fibrosis awareness.

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