Review: ‘Superman’ #27 Puts The Man Of Steel Out Of His Element

by Tony Thornley


Superman gets overwhelmed by an unknown enemy. Naturally, it goes badly.


Even at his lowest points, one of Superman’s strengths is in how he is able to assess and adjust in a situation. He’s not Batman in how he’s always in control, but there’s a certain level of confidence there. Superman #27 continues to show what happens when that rug is pulled out from underneath him.

This is an action piece that’s also a character study. It shows a unique situation for the Man of Steel, and that could be his undoing. It’s an interesting penultimate issue for Brian Michael Bendis, Ivan Reis, Danny Miki, Alex Sinclair and Dave Sharpe.

Superman is still unable to communicate with the homicidal Synmar. Facing an opponent nearly as powerful as he is, communication is the lifeline he has to stop the conflict. However, opening up that communication might be his undoing.

Bendis does a lot of the same as he did last issue here, but he does it extremely well. He continues to center his stories on how Superman would actually handle unusual and extreme situations. It’s an approach that not enough Superman writers have taken in recent times, centering the story more of the spectacle than the person at the center of it. It’s a refreshing take that I hope continues with the next creative team coming up in March.

Reis and Miki are a great combination. Miki adds a sharpness to Reis’ epic take on Superman, giving the character a bit of an edge on the page without taking away from the emotion- the empathy in particular- that Reis gives him. Their take on the Lois Lane/Lana Lang moment halfway through this issue is great, laying it out a bit like an action scene instead of talking heads, which gives the scene a sense of flow and motion that most interpersonal moments don’t get in comics. With Sinclair’s consistently great colors, it’s an iconic take on Superman that should cement the art team as one of the Man of Steel’s most iconic.

Big changes are coming for Superman, but he needs to survive this final fight to see them.

Superman #27 is available now from DC Comics.

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