‘Doctor Who: The Collection Season 8’ Finally Announced

by Erik Amaya

The pandemic may have slowed down the release of Doctor Who classic seasons on Blu-ray, but nothing keeps The Doctor down forever. Doctor Who: The Collection Season 8 — or Doctor Who: Jon Pertwee Complete Season 2 in the US — will come to the UK on February 23rd, 2021. And if the US release pattern for the Blu-ray range stays the same, expect it stateside a few months later.

The box set collects the five stories comprising Jon Pertwee‘s second year as the bell-sleeved Doctor. This is also the first season to feature Katy Manning as beloved companion Jo Grant and Roger Delgado as The Doctor’s best frenemy, The Master. In fact, the Master appears in every episode this season. You also get absolute classic stories like “Terror of the Autons” and “The Daemons.”

Per DoctorWhoNews.net, new special features include Manning and actor John Levene‘s trip back to the picturesque village of Aldbourne fifty years after the recording of “The Daemons”; directors Michael Briant, Graeme Harper, and Tim Combe re-scouting locations featured in Season 8; and lifelong Doctor Who fan Frank Skinner‘s look at the life of the late Terrence Dicks, Doctor Who script editor throughout the Pertwee era. There will also be a new episode of Behind the Sofa featuring socially distanced participants Katy Manning, Stewart Bevan, Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton, Sacha Dhawan and Anjli Mohindra, and another installment of Matthew Sweet‘s In Conversation series — this time with Manning, which is sure to be a delight. Other features include a movie version of “The Daemons,” an extended version of “The Claws of Axos” Episode 1, updated audio and/or special effects on select stories, and much more. Oh, and of course, most of the bonus material from the earlier DVD releases of the individual stories.

It’s a jam-packed set and sure to thrill any fan of the classic Doctor Who. Personally, I know I can’t wait — and I’ll like have to wait until May of 2021!

Erik Amaya

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