Art For Art’s Sake #81: Ain’t No Justice

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake – your weekly chance to look at something pretty and take five minutes from screaming into the void…

Bruce TimmAll-Crime Comics #2 2013

Carl PottsDoctor Strange #63

Carmine Infantino – a lil’ bit of the Flash and co.

Catwoman by Otto Schmidt

Yves Chaland does Spirou & Fantasio

Cliff Robinson Judge Anderson…

Richard Sala – a Cloak & Dagger commission

Swamp Thing #52 cover from 1986 by Steve Bissette

Dan Hipp – Captain Marvel

Dan McDaid – Martian Manhunter

Tony Moore – Blade Runner commission

Guarnido – Blacksaad

Simon Bisley – one of his wonderful Doom Patrol covers

Evan Bryce – Big Barda

Beta Ray Bill by Walter Simonson


We’ll finish up this week with a bit of lesser-known work from Kyle Baker. 1989: Justice Inc. #1-2 – Two issues in that old ‘prestige format’ thing DC did right after Helfer and Baker finished up (well, had the book pulled with that dangling storyline more correctly) their fabulous Shadow run, they switched to The Avenger, the man with the malleable face, the ultimate disguise.

It’s especially great as it allowed Baker to play around with some effects in his artwork, those bold outlines and wash/pencil crayon style effects really making it pop.

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