Ablaze To Publishing Bastien Vivès’ ‘A Sister’ This Spring

by James Ferguson

Ablaze has partnered with Casterman to publish A Sister, a coming of age graphic novel from French creator Bastien Vivès. The book is being adapted into a film by Charlotte Le Bon.

Antoine, a teenager, is on holiday at the seaside with his parents and his younger brother, Titi. Both spend most of their time drawing, at restaurants and on the beach. But one day Hélène and her mother come to spend a few days with the family and her presence will change Antoine’s life. In A Sister, Bastien Vivès, a master storyteller, conveys the stumbling awakenings of adolescent feelings.  The story is a narrative jewel, created by one of the most important authors of the contemporary international graphic novel scene, who Vanity Fair calls “the new prince of intelligent, sensitive, and funny comics.”

“I am delighted that this story is being published on American soil and in English.” says writer/illustrator Bastien Vivès. “I hope that the characters and the story can move our dear American readers. Happy reading!”

“Ablaze is thrilled to be working with such a hugely talented young creator as Bastien, and in fact will soon be announcing the publication of another title of his, in addition to his deftly crafted A Sister.” added Ablaze Co-Founder & VP Creative/Biz Dev Rich Young.

A Sister clocks in at 216 pages and is intended for mature readers. It’s set for release in the Spring of 2021 and is available to pre-order now through your local comic shop, bookstore, and Amazon.

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