Preview: Papa Noel As You’ve Never Seen Him In ‘Klaus: The New Adventures of Santa Claus’ SC

by Brendan M. Allen

Grant Morrison and Dan Mora bring their reinvention of Santa Claus fully into the 21st century with BOOM! Studios’ Klaus: The New Adventures of Santa Claus SC. The book features two modern tales of Klaus saving Christmas from sinister threats that span dimensions, and drops this Wednesday January 6, 2021. 

‘An ageless ice queen commanding an army of robotic snowmen built of enchanted wood. An evil soda corporation hellbent on trademarking Christmas itself at the behest of a dark doppelganger. It’s all just another day in the life of Klaus, the man who became Santa Claus.’

Collects Klaus and the Witch of Winter #1 and Klaus and the Crisis in Xmasville #1. Check out the preview images below.


Brendan M. Allen

Brendan Allen has probably had more jobs than you would reasonably believe. Dog trainer? He’s done it. Flooring contractor? You bet! EMT? Army NBC specialist? Road dog for a Celtic rock band? Yes, yes, and och aye! Now he reads comics and writes about them. It's a rough gig. You can follow Brendan on Twitter @SaintAmish where he tweets about comic books and cystic fibrosis awareness.

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