HBO Max Weighs Its ‘Harry Potter’ TV Series Options

by Erik Amaya

The Wizarding World may be getting an HBO Max series soon.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming site and elements of the WarnerMedia organization are in the midst of early conversations with writers and producers to create a Harry Potter inspired series. The discussions are so preliminary that Warner reached out to THR with a statement indicating no program is currently in development.

Of course, that just means the right pitch has not been found. Or, perhaps with the notion that this is a Harry Potter series, they’re trying to get the film series main cast back together. Indeed, keeping the Wizarding World alive without Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) and his class at Hogwarts has not been easy. The first Fantastic Beasts film seemed like a successful introduction of new characters, but the second film threw a lot of that good will away in a jumbled mess which only served to highlight a certain tone-deafness in regards to Johnny Depp.

Also, Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling has become a divisive figure thanks to her statements about transgender people.

Nevertheless, there is still gold to extract from Harry’s vault at Gringott’s and thanks to a deal made before AT&T took control of Warner, the films will be on Universal’s Peacock service for another four years. A Wizarding World series is the best way to make sure the Potter brand is firmly tied to HBO Max, although, THR reports Universal would have a certain say in any digital initiatives, so … maybe these talks will remain informal until 2025?

A third Fantastic Beasts film is on the way — now with Mads Mikkelsen replacing Depp — and it may indicate how much audiences will embrace a Harry-less Wizarding World television project. If it underperforms, expect the discussion to shift towards recognizable faces and characters.

Erik Amaya

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