Tony Revolori To Join Disney+ ‘Willow’ Series

by Erik Amaya

MCU Spider-Man film mainstay Tony Revolori may be carving out a bigger piece of the Disney pie.

Deadline reports the actor is in talks to join the upcoming Willow series on Disney+. It is unclear who Revolori will play, but it is possible he will become the rogue in a party led by Ellie Bamber, Cailee Spaeny and Erin Kellyman. According to previous reports, Bamber will play an “unassuming kitchen maid who proves she is the ‘chosen one’ as she embarks on [a] journey.” Presumably, she and the others, who join her on the quest, will quickly meet Willow (a returning Warwick Davis) and discover more about their magical world. And if Revolori isn’t part of the team, he could be a worthy adversary.

The actor will be familiar to fans of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home as the MCU version of Flash Thompson, a star of the academic decathlon team who takes an immediate dislike to Peter Parker (Tom Holland) but stans for Spider-Man.

Based on the film directed by Ron Howard, the series comes from Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s Jonathan Kasdan and Arrow‘s Wendy Mericle, who will serve as showrunners. Howard will also be credited as an executive producer. Until recently, Jon M. Chu was slated to direct the pilot, but had to drop out due to scheduling concerns. As is customary for pilot directors, Chu was also to be credited as an EP, but it remains to be seen if this will be the case going forward once the new pilot director is chosen. Although, considering Howard’s willingness to help out Lucasfilm, maybe he will come through and take the reins of the pilot.

According to EW, production on Willow is expected to begin later this year in Wales.

Erik Amaya

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