Writer’s Commentary: Tom Sniegoski On Dynamite’s ‘Vengeance Of Vampirella’ #14

by Olly MacNamee

[+++ NOTE: Potential spoilers! Buy and read the book, then return here for the commentary! +++]

So, this issue was definitely one of my crazier concepts. 

Mistress Nyx has been injured by Vampirella during a battle, a gaping wound torn in her side. This wound has become infected, and is making our Mistress of Chaos incredibly ill. As her loyal servants, Desmond and Harmony Discord, attempt to heal her, Nyx is experiencing some pretty wild fever dreams.  

And while this is going on, our heroes deal with the mysterious return of one Adam Van Helsing!  


These pages were used to establish how sick Mistress Nyx has become, as well as how concerned her followers are for her health. We also reintroduce the important information that Nyx is no longer on her fathers’ (the Lords of Chaos) good sides!  

Michael does an amazing job here on these panels showing Nyx in the midst of fever. Really cool stuff.  

Page 1

PAGES 3-5 

These pages are the beginning of Nyx’s fever dream. I wanted to do something a little whacky here with the dream, but also to show Nyx’s feelings and motivations toward Vampirella.  

PAGE 3 shows us a Nyx who appears to have it all. Her loyal subjects love her, but there is something missing in her life.  She is missing somebody very much. (I bet we know who!)

(Panel Four)

Thought it would be cool to have her gaping wound talk to her . . . warning her of these feelings.

Page 3

PAGE 4  

On this page, the wound is talking about how Nyx has made a terrible mistake… making reference to the fact that Nyx was responsible for the resurrection of Vampirella.  

(Panel Two) 

Vampirella arrives on the scene and is talking about how being dead gave her some time to think about her feelings. HA! This stuff was really crazy to write, but incredibly fun.  

PAGE 5  

This is the page where Vampirella professes her love for Nyx, asking Nyx to be her girlfriend!  I know, nuts! But Michael’s art and Omi’s colors are amazing. Especially Panel Two.  

Page 4

PAGES 6-11

Okay.  This scene was set up to show our heroes Vampirella, Pendragon, Mr. Sabastain, Balthazar and Dervish questioning Adam Van Helsing and his miraculous return.  

What I did here was show our main characters asking their questions, and Adam’s answers . . . but what his answer is, and what I’m showing in the memory panels is something very different.  We’re seeing here that Adam is actually a product of Mistress Nyx’s twisted version of science mixed with sorcery.  

PAGE 7 is especially awesome.  I love the art showing Adam’s body being retrieved from the Pit of Sorrow, and being worked on/resurrected by Nyx’s strange scientists.  Really cool stuff.  Michael did an amazing job here.  


We get a great show of Adam as his skin is grown back, and his view of his savior outside his resurrection tube—Nyx and Desmond.  


Another nice page.  We see our heroes listening to, and liking what Adam is saying.  Slowly but surely, they’re coming to trust him.  

(Panel 4) is some pretty powerful stuff as Adam says that it was Vampirella that brought him back, and allowed him to survive this harsh new world but we see that it was certainly not Vampirella!  

(Panel 5) We hear Nyx’s words about why she’s brought Adam back.  She wants to destroy what remains of Vampirella’s soul.   

The remaining pages show how our heroes are cautious about Adam’s return, but slowly they’re beginning to trust him.  

PAGES 12-20

In these pages we return to Nyx’s bizarre fever dream.  I thought it would be a hoot to show the lovers paying a visit to Nyx’s fathers to tell them that they’re in a serious relationship now.  

PAGE 12 establishes the location.  Vampirella and Nyx have arrived at Nyx’s fathers’ place. I wanted to give it a real Castle Grayskull vibe, y’know?  

(Panel 4) nails it with the Grayskull look.  

Vampirella is feeling pretty nervous about meeting Nyx’s fathers, but Nyx assures her that everything is going to be fine. HA!  Yeah.  


We introduce Nyx’s dad(s).  I wanted to give him (them) this 1950’s father vibe, sitting in his study, reading the newspaper.  Like something out of an old sit-com.  

(Panel Two)  I love the shot of him reading the newspaper, his (their) monstrous face hidden, and basically telling the lovers that he (they) don’t approve and for her to go away and take her girlfriend with her.  As you can guess, that doesn’t sit too well with Nyx.  

(Panel Three)  It’s really cool how Vampi is portrayed as this sweet, innocent girl here.  HA!   Fever dreams are crazy!

PAGE 16  

Nyx has had enough of her fathers’ words!  They are going to show him (them) how much they love each other by kicking his (there) ass.  HA!

PAGE 17 is an awesome splash page of Vampirella and Nyx attacking the Lord(s) of Chaos.  


This is the page where artist Kewber Baal takes over from Michael.  I guess there was some sort of scheduling snafu, and Kewber had to step in to help.  It’s an excellent page, showing Vampirella and Mistress Nyx viciously attacking Nyx’s father(s)

One of the cool things about this is that we can see Kewber attempting to keep his art style very similar to Michael’s so that the transition is not jarring.  Good job, Kewber!!!!


The fight is taken outside.  Nyx and Vampirella defeat Nyx’s overbearing parent(s), Nyx proudly showing off her independence and professing her love for Vampirella (while both covered in dripping gore!  LOVE IT!).  

PAGE 20 (Panel 1) is this great shot of our two characters embracing, about to kiss. 

(Panel 2) we then come out of Nyx’s fever dream as she mutters to herself in the grip of sickness.  This is what it’s all been about . . . what Nyx has been up to since resurrecting Vampirella in Vengeance #1.  Nyx LOVES Vampirella and wants her to be hers forever.  The last line says it all . . .

“I’ll love you forever.”  


I’ve had all sorts of pieces in motion for the last few issues . . . we’re most definitely building towards something.  Here, we show the Armor Infernal . . . a weapon of Chaos now being wielded by the vampire lord, Mazarin . . . but who is really wielding who?  

We have all these demons being slaughtered by some unstoppable force, as the captions talk about the purpose of the Armor.  

PAGE 22  

Nice splash page by Kewber showing off the Armor Infernal. This is one powerful piece of chaotic weaponry. We can see the souls of all those the Armor has slain, flowing into the armor to increase its power.  

I’m slowly getting all my plates spinning as I make my way towards the big finish! 

Olly MacNamee

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