Hugh Grant And Sophia Lillis Join ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

by Erik Amaya

Two more actors have joined Paramount’s Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Deadline reports Hugh Grant will play the film’s chief antagonist while I Am Not Okay With This‘s Sophia Lillis joins the film in as-yet undisclosed role. In fact, details are so sparse about the film, we continue to theorize the film will dramatize an actual D&D campaign with stars Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith and Rege-Jean Page portraying both players of the table-top RPG and the fantasy characters they’ve created for their adventure.

Grant as the villain could also indicate a strictly fantasy-based film, but it could still go either way.

The film is based on the table top role playing game devised by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson — and currently published by Hasbro subsidiary Wizards of the Coast — which empowers players to become any combination of mythical fantasy race, character class, and moral alignment. With a character “rolled,” they set out to defeat powerful enemies, find loot where they can get it, and typically frustrate the Game Master; a friend who takes on the role of playing the rest of the fantasy realm, devises story, and attempts to foil the players’ plans. The interactivity of the game is an aspect of D&D previous film and television adaptations have all rejected in favor of straight fantasy stories. Nevertheless, we hope the new film — to be written and directed by Game Night‘s Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley — incorporates the gaming aspect into the plot.

Dungeons & Dragons is set for release. on May 27, 2022

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