Some people prefer Who's Who... but the entries in that series were really inconsistent.

Some gave really nice summaries of the characters' histories while others didn't tell you anything you couldn't figure out by picking up the current issue of their comic.

Some entries gave nice, detailed descriptions of a character's abilities and powers and some were... flat out wrong about what the character could do, or not very thorough because the character debuted that month in a regular series and they didn't want to ruin anything for people who hadn't read the first appearance yet.

Screw that. I bought those comics for information. I wanted stuff like that "ruined" for me.

Some entries (even for some of the more popular characters at the time) were barely two paragraphs long.

Marvel came up with more to say about Captain Ultra in OHOTMU for cryin' out loud.
It's probably best to buy name brand razor blades.
-- comedian Todd Barry, on buying razor blades