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#115275 - 05/22/03 04:20 PM Ultimate War...Wha happened?
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Okay, I read the Ultimates but not Ult X-men. I bought Ultimate War not realizing it was an Ult. X-men book with the Ultimates as guest stars (Yes, I did feel ripped off.) Rather than continuing to read the story in Ult X and give the bastards more of my dough, I thought I'd post here and just ask how the whole Magneto thing turned out.
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#115276 - 05/22/03 04:47 PM Re: Ultimate War...Wha happened?
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Ah, so i'm not alone in this. Good.

But at this point, i don't particularly care, either. The way that was handled left a bad taste in my mouth.

#115277 - 05/22/03 04:50 PM Re: Ultimate War...Wha happened?
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I guess I am joining the club now. I only read the Ultimates and figured I would buy UW too. I had no idea it wouldn't reach an ending but it was a sorry marketing ploy to get readers of the Ultimates to buy Ultimate X-Men. That is one of the reasons I am through with the whole Ultimate universe..

#115278 - 05/23/03 12:22 AM Re: Ultimate War...Wha happened?
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O.k someone else who takes more notice than me will be able to give you a much better explanation but here goes. I read the Ultimate X-men book in the store but don't buy it, I buy Ultimates though. (obviously theres going to be Ult X-men spoilers people)

So anywho the whole world thought the X-men had joined Magneto's jolly crew so they went into hiding and the Ultimates came after them yadda yadda yadda. MEANWHILE over in Ult X-men Magneto had Forge build this huge 'dooms day weapon' which very creativley would amplify Magneto's power about a gagillion times or something.

So anyway Magneto's in his machine and the X-men turn up and beat his up old school then the government or someone drops a bomb on the place but Jean used her telekenis to protect them all from the blast. So somehow, I forget the details, Magneto sets of a nuke or something in Florida and Jean uses the Phoenix and the help of Professor X, one or two other X-men and some rewired Sentinals to save the day...and NightCrawler was there too I think.

Ahem, so now they've saved the easter sea board a whole bunch of humans are gathering round them but instead of throwing things like the X-folks expect they start cheering and the world loves the X-men.

So now Nick Fury has the X-men mansion rebuilt and the X-men are now funded by the government and they have a party with the Ultimates on a X-men parents day and Hank's parents are there being stupid and Tony Stark is chatting up Storm and Jean.

I think it ended there...Oh Xaiver hinted to Nick Fury that he might have planned the whole thing and then he called the cat 'Mystique'.

Hope that helps.

I liked it...Although the art by Chris Bachalo or whatever his name seems messy, I can't understand why they call him a 'fan favourite'.
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#115279 - 05/23/03 03:27 AM Re: Ultimate War...Wha happened?
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Finally. Someone who knows know to turn a four hour lecture into a fortune cookie proverb.

Thank you.
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