ACTOR has discovered a creative way to raise funds without asking for money. We know you probably have old cell phones sitting on a shelf or in a drawer collecting dust. Here's your chance to clean up and donate to a worthwhile cause at the same time! Bring your old deactivated phone(s) to one of the many conventions that we wil be attending throughout the country. (Check for dates and places.)

If you won't be attending any of the conventions, you can still donate your cell phone and help ACTOR by going to Fill out the form and CollectiveGood will send you pre-paid postage labels. All donations are appreciated! Note: The newer the cell phones, the bigger the donation.

If you want a tax receipt, CollectiveGood will be sending you one when you donate your phone through their website, but if you donate your phone at one of the conventions, please email for your receipt.

CollectiveGood, a company that focuses on funding charities through cell phone recycling, is our partner for this program. Some of the phones will be reprogrammed and sold in Latin America as prepaid phones. Your old phone might actually be the first phone some family ever owns! The rest are scrapped for parts. All will either be reused or recycled according to EPA standards.

Your donation helps ACTOR fight the good fight, while helping the environment, so please bring in your phones.

Thanks in advance for our participation and donation!

Katya Ordonez
ACTOR Intern