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#18460 - 03/16/06 01:50 PM Re: Eleven Whole Days...
Len N. Wallace Offline

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Dude, if you don't have thick enough skin that something as trivial as supposedly 'losing' FREE publicity is enough to make you want to pack it in, then by all means. Sorry about your luck, but you're not cut out for the biz.

Also, coming here and whining about matters that should be private doesn't make me want to read your book, and you most certainly won't be receiving an invite to an interview for SEVEN UP (Read my column! Read my column!) from me.

If you wanna try and reclaim your dignity here and try again, just count your losses here and move on. Apologize to Jen because it's just good form, and then get back to work on the thing that by all means SHOULD be most important to someone in your position.

Making comics.

(New SEVEN UP on the front page, btw. That Brian Defferding is a classy, non-whiny dude.)

#18461 - 03/16/06 02:04 PM Re: Eleven Whole Days...
Sabrina Offline
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Wow! I'm quite amazed by this. As a new publisher trying to break into the crowded U.S. market Narwain has received nothing but kind assistance from Jen. Realizing that we're not Marvel or DC, and realizing that website like The Pulse (or CBR, or Newsarama, or Broken Frontier..)owe us NOTHING, we truly appreciate every letter of press Jen gives us. She's been helpful in responding when she can, but if ever she fails to respond it's pretty easy to figure out that a website that posts dozens of articles each day has time constraints and each and every inquiry cannot always be answered immediately.
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#18462 - 03/16/06 02:27 PM Re: Eleven Whole Days...
Gail Offline

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I have regularly been disappointed by the comics press. I've had promises broken, articles and interviews I've spent time I didn't have to spare to write (at the request of the sites and magazines) get dropped without an explanation. I've had information that was promised to be embargoed released early so many times I've lost count. It happens. It's a hazard of this job.

But let's not kid ourselves, here. Pulse and Newsarama and CBR are fantastic gifts to creators, making information about work available at no cost and little effort to huge numbers of readers. They don't 'owe' us anything and the fact that Matt, Jen, and Jonah are all decent, honest people is just damn good luck on our part.

I've known Jen for years, and I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but I can't think of anyone who works harder to promote the work of creators, many of whom she's never met and whose work may not be to her taste. The number of times she's gone way out of her way to help a new book is darn near uncountable.

There are a lot of people in this industry who don't care. Jen's not one of those people. I, and hundreds of other creators, owe her a great deal.


#18463 - 03/16/06 02:51 PM Re: Eleven Whole Days...
Layla Offline

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Well, I'd say Keith has done us all a favor by presenting a rare display of unprofessionalism and a stellar example of how to ensure that your work is highly unlikely to ever again be reviewed by any potential reviewer reading this thread (and I'm pretty sure there are a lot of them that hang out here).

My condolances to Jen for having to deal with an ungrateful jerk on top of everything else.

#18464 - 03/16/06 03:05 PM Re: Eleven Whole Days...
one word wonder Offline

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Originally posted by Keith Klein:
He, he, he!!!


Bzzzzzzzzzzzz! Bzzzzzzzzzzzz! Bzzzzzzzzzzzz!


#18465 - 03/16/06 03:19 PM Re: Eleven Whole Days...
Philip Clark Offline
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That's one way to promote: bitch and complain to the very comic book press that didn't have to pay attention to you in the first place.


I'm normally one to say there's no such thing as bad press. But this definitely counts. You've just earned one more person that probably won't be picking up your book.

People like Jen don't HAVE to feature us indie folk. There are plenty of stories about the Big Two that will draw plenty of people to this site. Consider yourself fortunate that she was trying to work with you at all.

Bad form. All around.
Philip Clark
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#18466 - 03/16/06 04:34 PM Re: Eleven Whole Days...
rafwrites Offline
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Wow! Does this ever piss me off!

I've been writing comics now for twenty years. I was lucky if I got any kind of mention of my books in monthly mags. Now we'v got this great internet, and people just can't appreciate what a gift it is.

Dude you got your book mentioned in a post for all the world to see for 11 days? Yow, be happy and proud, man!

As for Jen Contino, God bless that woman... for all the work she does on our behalf, to have to suffer through this kind of juvenile attack is just... shameful.

LOL, I had to reread the comments about the kid having to write his own review. Man, I wish I could do that! And complaining about Moonstone having 6 mentions in as many days! They've been in biz for 10 years! It's about time they got that much press!

Jen, you keep doing what you're doing, and know that there are many, many, many of us who appreciate all your efforts. You rock!

#18467 - 03/16/06 08:14 PM Re: Eleven Whole Days...
Kody Offline

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Keith, this is seriously unprofessional. There is some seriously good advice here that you haven't taken. Why not stop the vendetta and move on?
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#18468 - 03/17/06 12:42 AM Re: Eleven Whole Days...
Thomas Mauer Offline
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Can't believe this thread is what finally made me register at the Pulse forum.

To give an example of how classy Jen is, she contacted ME about putting up PR for Ronin's Katrina relief anthology HOPE: New Orleans on The Pulse back in early September 2005 (targeted release date in early August). That message came totally out of the blue and it showed just how much she cares for the industry and virtually unknown indie creators and their causes.

Your post, Keith, also makes me not want to check out any of your work, quality be damned. I kind of have the feeling that our paths will never cross in this industry in any capacity, anyway, but if that were to happen, you've made it onto one of two lists that every creator has. And it's not the "can't wait to work with this dude" list.

As has been said before, it's a small industry and word gets around quickly. Just looking at the recent replies, I can tell the bad press you caused for yourself has already spread to other messageboards.

Publically apologizing for your out of line posts would be the first step to regaining lost ground - as has also been suggested by others.
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#18469 - 03/17/06 12:53 AM Re: Eleven Whole Days...
WolfenMoondaughter Offline

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You know, It's really sad, Klien. Your book sounds interesting, and I hear the art is great -- it probably would have been right up my alley. But you know what? Now I won't have anything to do with it. I will not support anyone who shows the level of immaturity, unprofessionalism, and self-centeredness that you've shown here -- not to mention your gross sense of entitlement.

Why should anyone *expect* a news source to give them coverage? How dare you demand a time frame, either for when it will get posted or for how long? It's not your site, and you're not paying for an ad. You do understand that unless you pay for advertising, any acknowledgement you get is a FAVOR? One does not DEMAND *FAVORS*!

Did Jen come up to you and beg you "Oh please give me material on your book so I can showcase it on Pulse?" Unless you have specifically been approached for content, your material is YOUR responsibility, it's YOUR job to follow up on it, not the journalist's. It's your job to say "Hey, I haven't heard from you, did you get the material I sent you? By the way, I sent the copy with the images." Why should she even look at it before you'd sent the copy, if she only thought there would be images on it? Did you tell her, "Oh, the copy is done, I'll send it on the disk"? It's not the job of the person you are asking the favour of to do all the work for you. And if they decide not to follow through, or can't, *whatever the reason is*, you don't snipe at them for something you weren't paying them to do anyway.

Esepcially since WHY they didn't do it may very well have nothing to do with you anyway. In fact, most of the time it DOESN'T. Journalists are people too, we have lives outside of work that interfere with work -- and Jen has done a stellar job under the circumstances.

Jen never owed you anything, and what she DID do for you was a *kindness*. If your sales slacked off after your link was gone, be happy for what sales and exposure you DID get -- you didn't *have* to get ANY. To blame your lack of sales on a site that has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR WORK is reprehensible. It's not like they agreed before the book was made to be your personal publicist -- they didn't tell you to do the book in the first place, or encourage you ever step of the way and promise they would bring in sales for you. If you relied on exposure from here -- or ANY site you are not directly involved with -- as your main sourse of sales, that's some pretty poor planning on your part. You've got some nerve, pal.

And yes, you *were* insensitive about the death of Jen's grandmother, by insisting that your book was important enough that she should have remembered about it even while dealing with such personal matters. Like she said in her post here, it's not like her grandmother suddenly died overnight -- Jen has been dealing with this for months prior to her grandmother's actual passing. You DO owe her an apology.

You also owe Nat and everyone here an apology for your ridiculously juvenile posting habits (I'm speaking mostly of your "GNAT" posts.) You desperately could use a few lessons in tact, ettiquette, and modesty.

I can't speak for my fellow Tarts, but I would be very surprised if any of them gave you the time of day after your display here. You burned a lot of bridges by attacking Jen, who has a LOT of friends in the industry BECAUSE she is a kind and helpful person. She's also phenomonally busy -- you should have been happy she found time for your stuff AT ALL, rather than slamming her, especially ON HER OWN MESSAGE BOARD -- and with the contents of private emails, no less! Talk about poor form.

The comics industry does NOT owe you a living -- you may well have even commited career seppuku. If your work is as good as I hear, it's a real shame you had to go and shoot your mouth off like that -- you hit yourself in the foot.
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